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Nogales Information Center

The Nogales Information Center is located right at the border and it is there to help you with maps of the city and will set you up with an escort to guide you to your destination.

The knowledgeable, bilingual staff will be able to help you get to a specific business, office, types of shops, get you a taxi, show you the bus terminal, show you a list of restaurants with the cuisine you are savoring, bars you want to try or anything else you are looking to see or do.

They can even make reservations at the restaurants and hotels. In some cases they may be able to help you out with an appointment for a doctor or dentist, but we recommend that you do your own research through your friends, neighbors, family or something like the Nogales Doctors and Dentists Directory before you go for care.

Contact Us:

Nogales Information Center
1 Pesqueira Street Plaza
Nogales, Son, MX

Email: Nogales Info