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This is a services that the city of Nogales put into place early in 2009. The service is located at the border at the Nogales City Information Booth. The young men and women are screened and hired by the city to provide bilingual service for new visitors to the city.

Some of the businesses and doctors pay for this service to help their patients find their location (some will send one of their own staff.)

This is a great way to see the city and find the shops and restaurants with the best prices and/or food. The escorts are not permitted to take tips from the owners and are encouraged to serve their client impartially.

The escorts are paid minimum wage to wait around for their turn to help the next visitor. The fee is $5.00 for a simple escort to a specific location (like a dentist's office or restaurant) or $5.00 per hour for a tour (like for shopping or bar hopping.) We do encourage a tip at the end of your excursion commensurate with your successful shopping or enjoyment.